Alchemic Destruction

My family started watching a show yesterday, Brooklyn Taxi—it’s a cop show, and (the first episode, at least) featured this itty bitty female cop who used everything she had at her disposal to figure out the case and try to get more info on her father’s murder and a black, French, illegal immigrant taxi driver who she thought was the getaway driver for a bank robbery, and wound up helping her not only prove his innocence, but provided key info for the case.

I don’t know what shows look like on cable, but things like this and Almost Human—I’m really happy to see them lately. Part of it is because tumblr helping me realize how shit representation is, and part of it is that the characters just generally seem better—less trope-y, the plot isn’t as done before—that kind of thing. The girl wasn’t just “kick ass take names”, she was using anything and everything at her disposal to stay on and solve the case, the black guy wasn’t the smart-mouthed street type—he was level-headed and calm, had a son in France, and had keen observation skills and claustrophobia.